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Many people still dont know how to use Facebook Smiley  when they are chatting on facebook. Facebook has actually upgraded their chat modul several times so we can add more smileys than the old ones. This new chat code we are talking about is really a new ones released in the year of 2012. This list of smileys is not animated though, we will discuss it on another post for Animated Smiley Code on Facebook

What we have to do to insert the new smileys is simply type or paste the code on your message or chat box at facebook. Here are the chat codes :

laugh   [[f9.laugh]]

sad   [[f9.sad]]

angry   [[f9.angry]]

sleepy   [[f9.sleepy]]

shock   [[f9.shock]]

kiss   [[f9.kiss]]

inlove   [[f9.inlove]]

pizza   [[]]

coffee   [[]]

rain   [[f9.rain]]

bomb   [[f9.bomb]]

sun   [[f9.sun]]

heart   [[f9.heart]]

heartbreak   [[f9.heartbreak]]

doctor   [[]]

ghost   [[f9.ghost]]

brb   [[f9.brb]]

wine   [[]]

gift   [[]]

adore   [[f9.adore]]

angel   [[f9.angel]]

baloons   [[f9.baloons]]

bowl   [[f9.bowl]]

cake   [[f9.cake]]

callme   [[f9.callme]]

clap   [[f9.clap]]

confused   [[f9.confused]]

curllip   [[f9.curllip]]

devilface   [[f9.devilface]]

lying   [[f9.lying]]

That’s all for now. The above list of smiley will probably be updated later depends on their update. Happy chatting on facebook. Have Fun :D

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