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How to Make a Background  in flash??

friends are often not heard these words stick, simple tools are often used to store this data must often use a friend or a friend take it everywhere, because of the small and large would benefit much in use by many people, How to Make Background possible on this stick already friends know, but it never hurts to share I share this Software, Hhehe necessarily contain data only if the flash will be very bland, but if given a Background with photos, drawings etc., certainly look more attractive and more Taste Hhehe yes there was a direct course to the problem:

1. Download the software will be my first love of the link under the posts.
2. If you have to send, send / copy software to stick a friend, after that it will look like my flash image below:

3.  Software that I circled in red please click 2x friend or  friend can open by right click.
4. If you have an image will appear as below, please select the next friend.

5. After that will appear below the image as a friend just check the option or options the middle, as I circled in red. If you already do not forget the next again-do not continue to hold :D.
6.  Will next appear as shown below, select browse and locate the best friend  an image file which will make the background flash. Important!  The selected image must exist in the flash. Like the  example I used a picture with my name.

7.  After that friends choose text color and background  color of text that will be used on a stick like the image below:
8.  The result will look like the picture below, just click Next.
9.  Installation is almost  complete, please click  Finish as shown below.

10.  If you've seen the results yet,  be friends first reloading, how to right click and select  refresh as shown below  again, pussing  below hold:).

11.  Look at the results as shown  below, which I give the background with a picture of my name, good right?.  Hhehe, to  beautify any companions hidden files software as I circled in red in the image below.
12.  Then look at the results:  more interesting is not it??

Good luck for all friends, do not forget to leave coment :).

( support on windows xp )

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Panda said...

Menarik sobat... :)

soni said...

Thankz sobat ku anas... :)

Kiko Berdendang said...

Makasih infornya. Bisa diambil kok.

admin said...

@Kiko: Okey agan trima kasih ya... N makasih juga udah mampir di blog ane yang sepi ini :)

Naga Niel From Parapat City said...

Uji coba langsung dilakukan :D dan hasilnya... berhasillll :D

admin said...

Selamat ya sobat :) hhehe trima kasih sudah berkunjung ....

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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